The Aurigen Story

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Putting the William in William Eikos

Aurigen has been, and remains to be, the culmination of a vast number of minds working together on a shared goal. Even so, the project remains the brainchild of one man, our founder and Technical Director, William Funnell-Pilcher. 

Having built his first pair of loudspeakers aged 15 & starting work in the Hi-Fi industry in the 80’s, William has gone on to develop Hi-Fi cutting edge of the market, receiving a golden ear award in 2000 whilst working with Tom Evans Audio Design. Despite leading a successful career in the corporate world of Hi-Fi, the end goal was always to develop a market leading loudspeaker. 

The first step, although he didn’t know it at the time, was a product he developed in 1996, which we have unimaginatively dubbed “The Blue Box”. From here a mixture of alterations and totally new products were built and tested. This all lead to 2018 when William & Lori, our Creative Director, moved from Surrey to the Isle of wight to focus on developing Aurigen.