Sound Projector

A Paradigm Shift in Sound Quality

Triple-patented, technology that reveals completely new levels of information within the sound and maintains its previously damaged harmonic structure in time and space.

All made possible by over ten years of R&D which continues prior to the launch of the Aurigen Sound Projector.  A decision has been made following the major advances in the Ultra-Litz Field Cable to continue to improve the performance of the Aurigen sound projector before its official launch.


Aurigen Speaker

The Aurigen Sound Projector

New concepts, new solutions, new materials and new shapes, achieve outstanding heights in performance

Ethical & Sustainable

We are not building the world’s best loudspeaker at the ecological cost of the planet.

Instead, we make use of cutting-edge techniques, enabling products such as bamboo, silver and silk to outperform petrochemicals and plastics used in traditional HiFi.