The technology behind


No "Sweet-Spot"

The triple patented technology used in our Aurigen speaker does away with conventional loudspeaker rules. That means no more asking guests to sit in a specific place to enjoy the best sound, everyone gets the best sound, everywhere.

Sit anywhere in the room with no one-sided dominance. 


Conventional loudspeakers create spherical sound waves losing energy exponentially with distance and growing more chaotic & distorted as they collide with walls, ceilings and each other. 

By comparison, Aurigen’s linear array creates ordered waves in the same way professional arrays are installed in major concert and theatre venues. This reduces these collisions and distortions – enabling a higher degree of clarity, and dynamics retained over a greater distance

Floating Sound

Utilising patented non-Newtonian physics technology, our unique suspension isolates each speaker pod from damaging bass frequencies.  This ensures the preservation of micro details frequently swamped and lost in one box conventional loudspeakers.

This fine detail preservation makes the projected result sound much more live by comparison.