Our Story


A paradigm shift in music reproduction

The Aurigen project is the culmination of over ten years of research with the development of three prototypes bringing to bear William’s many years of experience. 

Three European patents, new technology and Ultra-Litz Field Cable bring a fundamentally new and better way to hear sound at home. His collaboration of over four years with creative director Lori Funnell has taken the product in a direction completely undreamt of at the beginning, by bringing environmentally friendly materials and a standard of look, style and finish that goes well beyond our competitors. 

We accept that Aurigen is elitist and expensive but so was Concorde and before that the Spitfire. They, like us, defined a massive move forward in performance and technology. Machined and handcrafted from solid bamboo. Designed and engineered to solve problems that had held back sonic capability for decades.

Putting the William into Eikos

Aurigen has been, and remains to be, the culmination of a vast number of minds working together on a shared goal. Even so, the project remains the brainchild of one man, our founder and Technical Director, William Funnell-Pilcher.

Bill’s lifetime passion for sound reproduction began in the late 1950’s. Having built his first pair of loudspeakers at age 15 and started to work in the Hi-Fi industry in the 80s. Developing three variants of the Spica TC-50 loudspeaker from New Mexico USA for the UK market one of which was favourably reviewed by Martin Colloms in Stereophile magazine in 1988. He went on to work with Tom Evans Audio Design breaking into the US market and gaining a coveted Golden Ear Award.

Bill is very familiar with the sound of live music, having sung bass in a classical S.A.T.B. choir for over 30 years. He reads music and during that time was regularly accompanied by piano, pipe organ and original instrument orchestras.

Despite leading a successful career in the corporate world of Hi-Fi, the end goal was always to develop a groundbreaking loudspeaker.  A major step, although he didn’t know it at the time, was being part of the team working with Pioneer UK to develop a whole affordable system with high-end pretensions. Called the Precision range it included a remarkable single Aluminium drive unit bookshelf loudspeaker finished in a plethora of flocked finishes. Due to a link with Walt Disney, a Dalmatian Dog finished speaker got them onto the front cover of Hi-Fi News and Record Review in 1996.

This all led to 2018 when after meeting Martin Colloms at a London Hi-Fi Show William & his wife Lori, moved from Surrey to the Isle of Wight to focus on developing the  Aurigen Sound projector and Ultra-Litz Cables. 

A breakthrough in cable technology & design

William Eikos are excited to announce the launch of the Ultra-Litz Field Cable.

Their genesis comes from the R&D on the Aurigen loudspeaker. As even the best cable Bill was using was creating a performance ceiling restricting the capabilities of even the prototype loudspeakers. 

What Bill failed to realise during the creation of the Field Cable was the massive paradigm shift in technology and performance he had made.

Single-ended RCA terminated interconnect cable
Single-ended RCA terminated interconnect cable
Interconnect cable with plug-damping felt socks
Interconnect cable with felt plug-damping socks in a client's high-end system in California, USA

Vibration control

Bill finally realised that the felt construction was not only a superior electrical insulator but other things were going on as well.  

Vibration is now recognised as the new enemy in high-end systems, it steals the ability to resolve micro-details from recordings, vital to making them sound real.

Handcrafted in eco-friendly wool felt our cable construction brings broadband vibration control and damping at levels previously unachievable using petrochemicals.

It became obvious that having dealt with the vibrations within the cable a solution was required to perform the same function within the plugs. 

Sockit to Me was designed to do exactly that.  Sockit it to Me will reveal details like air and space around instruments and a larger soundstage. Decay of notes and the spaces between notes will become more evident as the overall noise floor is lowered revealing tiny spatial cues and what we call the sound of silence.

"These attributes are astonishing. The cable just set a new standard for dynamics that is unambiguous, micro and macro as well as three dimensionality and focus. And by a smaller but significant margin a new transparency standard. Incredible"

Rick Brown
CEO - HiFi One, San Diego