The sustainability of



Stronger than steel with a negative carbon footprint, naturally occurring self-damped. Bamboo, if you excuse the pun,  ticks all the right boxes for the ideal speaker enclosure material.



Silver is the best conductor of electricity and during the ten years of R&D, it became very obvious that lesser conductors inhibited the performance of Aurigen.

It was a logical decision, therefore, to fit Aurigen with silver binding posts.

Local Artisans

The William Eikos team are a close-knit community, in the literal sense, living within a few miles of one another on the Isle of Wight. This allows the product to flow through from the raw material stage to formation, painting & finishing without accruing a huge carbon footprint along the way.

From award-winning designers to specialist yacht builders, our wider team of artisans sit at the cutting-edge of their respective industries.