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Field Cable

Revolutionary Cable Technology

In the dynamic world of audio technology, the journey to perfection is relentless. Our years of rigorous Research and Development led us to a ground-breaking realisation – even the finest cables in our testing system were hindering the true resolution of our new speakers.

We refused to settle for mediocrity and embarked on a transformative mission to redefine speaker and interconnect cable.

Our quest for excellence drove us to adopt an entirely new construction approach, meticulously examining the functions of conductors and insulation.

The result? A revolutionary way to deliver sound, unleashing a three-dimensional space that allows you to hear every nuance with unparalleled accuracy.

William Eikos | A three meter Ultra-Litz loudspeaker field cable
A three meter Ultra-Litz loudspeaker field cable
Interconnect cable with plug-damping felt socks
Interconnect cable with felt plug-damping socks in a client's high-end system in California, USA

New Discoveries

  1. Plastic proximity: We confirmed that the presence of any plastic near conductors damages the signal it carries.

  2. Micro vibrations unveiled: Virtually undetectable micro vibrations, generated by the signal itself, can add distortion, masking fine detail.

  3. Size matters: The smaller the conductor, the less damage to the signal caused by the skin effect. This allows for optimal braiding and positioning within the cable, cancelling interactions with other strands and minimising the field effect.

  4. Magnetic field: The realisation that vital parts of the signal are carried in the magnetic field AROUND the cable, which is easy to modify and damage. 

The Product Range

This paradigm shift in cable technology is currently available in these three modalities:

1. Single-ended: A technically advanced new way to emotionally connect to your music. Hear sound like you have never experienced before. 

2. Balanced line: Aimed at the cognoscenti with a unique earthing system to allow full propagation of the field around the cable. 

3. Speaker cable: 8,000 x 30-micron strands maintain the signal structure far more efficiently than conventional cable.  The overwhelming mass of the felt serves two vital functions: damping internal vibrations created by the irregular nature of the signal.  Wool felt happens to have much lower damage to the signal than PTFE and FEP. 

William Eikos | Single-ended RCA terminated interconnect cable
Single-ended RCA terminated interconnect cable

"These cables are the single largest sonic improvement to my cost-no-object Hi-Fi system to date. Client of Hi Fi One -Encinitas, California, May 2023"