The design of


Award Winning Loudspeaker Design

Formidable yet elegant. Probably not two descriptive words that often follow one another to describe one object. Creating a cutting edge product at the technical forefront of an industry is tough. Making it look good as well, that’s virtually impossible. Traditional loudspeakers are cavernous boxes, owing to the requirement for space to create sound. The solution has been to calculate exactly the volume required and incorporate that into a spectacular design. 

Organic Internal Shapes

Most loudspeakers use flat sheets to construct their enclosures. Some will curve their boards in one plane in an attempt to reduce internal reflections.

We do not bend anything,  but carve from solid, precise three-dimensional ellipsoid shapes to optimise the forms behind our drive units and minimise reflected energy to extract the maximum detail and emotional connection from your music.

12 Day Paint Job

If you happen to own a luxury ocean racing yacht you may know what it costs to maintain.

We have selected the best paint finish in the world, designed to excel in hostile marine and aeronautical environments and finish our world-beating Sound Projector. 

With a choice of eighteen thousand colours and a finish that will be completely untroubled, even if you stand Aurigen out by your pool for years at a time.