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Field Cable

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This is not an eco-fad, the massive benefits we have discovered in performance quality by using wool felt happens also to be incredibly kind to the planet. 

Halogenated Polymers (PTFE and FEP) not only are derived from petrochemicals but last in the environment indefinitely. One online estimate gives 4.4 million years before they break down. The silk and Wool Felt coverings on our cable are Compostable.

The issue to engage in change has been driven by our necessity to actively make a choice, not to buy products that use plastics. This is made more difficult as, frequently there are no viable alternatives. The plastic invasion overwhelmed the world of the electrical industry in the early 1950’s.

Prior to that indoor cables were frequently insulated with rubber with an outer cotton sheath. Seventy years on and plastic insulation in cables is everywhere.

PVC is not the wonder insulator we thought

Seventy years on and plastic insulation in cables is everywhere. We switch on a light and give no thought to the tens of meters of plastic running through our walls that make it all happen. In HiFi for years the best-selling speaker cables all used PVC to insulate their conductors.

Things have slowly improved with the realisation that PVC was not the wonder insulator we thought. Fine for an on/off light switch when current and voltage is either there or it is not. That however all changes when modulated AC current carrying incredible amounts of fine detail has to travel down a cable. 

The Plastic industry has maintained its stranglehold on the cable industry convincing us that  PTFE and FEP are often the answer to the perfect insulator. We know from recent research that any contact and proximity with even the most advanced plastic of even  1mm in thickness can modify a signal.

None of these acronyms relate to products that are remotely green – PVC takes 450 years to biodegrade. The real bombshell is that particles of  PTFE take 4.4 MILLION YEARS to biodegrade making Plutonium’s 24 K-year half-life look positively acceptable.

We present Authentic the first green. Hi-fi cable 99% recyclable. Hear more of your music as it travels more naturally through our cable. Feel good about owning groundbreaking technology.

"On hearing the Ultra-Litz Eco Interconnect speaker cable and Aurigen loudspeakers playing an organ recital recorded in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, I have rebuilt and played this organ and know what it sounds like which is unique because the building is circular.For the first time when hearing this recording, it sounds like I am standing in the nave of the cathedral, completely real."